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Internet Marketing Packages


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1What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?
SEO are specialized techniques used to optimize your web site, to be Search engine friendly and raise your chances of placing well in search results.
2Do I really need to optimize my web site for search engines?
If your website is a main source of business and you are looking at going successful with an effective Internet marketing campaign, SEO should most likely be one of your prime objectives. An additional key incentive to opt for SEO is that more than 80% of all the Internet users run search engine keyword searches to look for what they need over the web. There are a variety of SEO practices and you can choose which ones to go for.
3What is Page Rank?
PageRank is a trademarked term used by Google. It is a arrangement implemented by them to rank pages on the base of their significance and relevance to certain keywords. If PageRank likes your page and finds it helpful according to its considerations you are set for a high ranking on the search result page. Other search engines also use related systems to rank pages and have a range of trademark names for these programs.
4What is "Organic SEO" or "Natural SEO"?
Organic SEO position in search engine results (SERPs) means that the site naturally displays well in search results. With no need for compensated inclusions, PPC advertising, or mean tricks often employed by black hat SEO practitioners to try and deceive Google.
5What is Ethical SEO?
Ethical search engine optimization follow guidelines and accepted standards to search engine optimize a website. We don't use any tricks that are sometime employed by "Black hat" practitioners. The end result of Ethical or "White Hat SEO" is often stronger positioning that is much longer enduring, and can survive everyday changes made to algorithms.
6Can i take hosting services from some other company?
Yes, If you wish to purchase hosting from some other company, we can upload the completed website on your server. There are no restrictions to get services from us.
7What is search friendly design?
Search friendly design means, to make a site that is easy for the search engines to read and index. Search engines can't read or index some of the following:
  • Flash animation
  • Java Scripts
  • PHP or database driven content
  • Several engines and directories hate Automated Submissions; many consider them SPAM and may ban your domain for their use.
8What is the future of SEO?
The future of SEO depends primarily in bright, focused content that boost up the website's standing. The visitor attractiveness criterion is expected to gain a lot of weight and back in turning traffic into actual sales. The concept of one-way text links will persist to remain important and article press release (PR) and directory submission will see an increase as will article submission sites. User reputation is expected to become as crucial as link popularity.
9When will I start seeing results of SEO?
Generally results will show up as soon as your page is spidered. Depending on how long this takes it could be days or weeks. There is no fixed period for considering results but you can check on a regular basis and monitor any difference in ranking to make out the difference. The key is to apply effective SEO methods and test your efforts before using the tools available.
10What should my domain name look like?
The smart thing to do is to opt for a domain name that reflects your business. If your purpose is SEO, make sure your domain name bears just enough resemblance to the keywords you may be targeting.
11Is My Website's Age Important?
Yes, and so is a universe of other aspects! Better hire experts like Flexus Solutions to come in and save the day or spend years of time researching everything.
12How do i purchase the services?
  • Once you have decided with the package you wish to move forward, click on the button at the bottom "Buy Now".
  • You will then be redirected to your cart.
  • At the cart you can also add more features to your package or can continue with the checkout.
  • During the checkout, you'd be asked to create an account with us allowing you to select your payment mode.
  • Once the payment is made, you will recieve an e-mail from our Billing department confirming the payment.
  • Then within 24 working hours, one of our executive will contact you through phone or e-mail to take things further.
13Making online payment is secured?
Yes, we do not keep any of your details with us and you are directed to a third party payment gateway. All your information is secured and is checked on daily basis.

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